For Hosts


1. What does being a host mean?

Being a host means opening up the outside of your house, be it your porch, driveway, yard, stoop, or what have you, to a few hours or a full day of live music! 

2. what is expected of a host to provide on Porchfest day?

The baseline expectation for hosts is to have a good attitude and accessible power supply to the performance area. Recommended assets also include a space for musicians to keep gear when not in use, like guitar cases and such, and possibly a bathroom. If you’re the type of person that likes to go above and beyond, you can throw a party, a yard sale, sell your wares, host a BBQ, advertise your performers with flyers or on social media, and more! Our hearts are overcome with joy when we see porch hosts go above and beyond with their duties. 

3. I don’t have a porch, can i still be a host?

If you have an outdoor area that has easy access to a power supply, you can host! Some examples of some signups we’ve had over the past two years include driveways, yards, balconies, sidewalks, and side streets. Even if your space isn’t that big, please note that in your signup – we can hook you up with some solo acts or acoustic duos. 

4. I’m only available for a certain time the day of Porchfest. Can I still host?

Probably. If you’re only available for a specific time the date of Porchfest, and you are certain that this time will not change and you can commit to hosting for specific times, feel free to sign up! Please be abundantly clear the time you can commit to hosting – this includes time for bands to set up and take down from performing. Porchfest officially runs from 12pm to 6pm, with some residences opting to continue on into the evening.

5. How do I find acts to perform on my porch?

Essentially, we do that work for you. Unless you don’t want us to (see below.) We take your submissions to host and assign you a group of around 3 musicians to perform on your porch. We try to keep it in the same genre, or whatever can “work” together. So please, tell us your music genre preferences! Tell us what you want! We will try our best to give you something you can rock to during your PorchFest day. To see some examples of acts we got in our first year 2022, check out this Spotify Playlist.

6. Can I pick the acts i want to host?

Absolutely! Here’s how you do it: When you sign up on our form, please notate which acts you’d like to host. Have the performers submit to our form as well, and note they’d like to be hosted at your house. Or, email [email protected] with any concerns or requests about your lineup!

For Performers

1. How do I sign up for Porchfest?

The same application as hosts, found here

2. What do I have to bring to Porchfest?

That’s entirely up to you, for the most part. We strongly encourage gear share amongst performers, be it a PA system, amps, microphones, drum kits, or whatever is needed. 

3. Do I get paid to perform at Porchfest?

Nope. This is a free event for the public, done out of passion for community and music. If you’re looking to be compensated for your performance, you may wish to look elsewhere. However, you can always talk to your porch host about having a tip jar at your porch.